We provide a scalable educational platform for the museums, galleries, and school to create and customize Augmented Reality (AR) content and share it with end-users through smart glasses.

Welcome to the Future!


Augmented Reality, also known as AR, provides a live view of a real world environment with elements that are augmented by computer-generated images. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR), which provides an entire artificial environment, Weartical's AR platform makes use of the existing environment and overlays new information on top of it. It blurs the line between the reality and the computer-generated information by enhancing what we see, hear, feel, and smell.


  • How does your platform work?

    Weartical's technology imposes layers of virtual content on the real environment through Augmented Reality, and enables a user to aim at a designated point and watch a still scene come into life. For museums the technology allows rich media content such as graphics, animations, and videos to be layered upon real environments, which provides a way for museums to bring collections to life.


  • How does  it change my user's experience?

    AR has become a portable tool for discovery-based learning that can enhance the information available to patrons when visiting gallery spaces, interacting with real-world objects, or even exploring outdoor installations


  • Why would I need such technology now?

    For museums that are willing to embrace the technology trend, developing an appropriate kind of Augmented Reality can be a way to achieve various engagement goals. We can expect that AR may soon become a standard, so those who are early adopters of the technology will be rewarded for their foresight


A Powerful Tool of Engagement

By offering location-based AR platform, Weartical enables museum visitors to explore information about the displayed artworks by themselves, and enjoy curated, detailed interesting information while inspecting the details of a work. Visitors do not only gain some basic knowledge of the displayed artworks or the exhibition itself by checking the labels and texts on the gallery walls, but also absorb layers of information on top of the work.

Stage for Endless Layers of Information

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Creative Tool of Education

Weartical AR platform allows visitors to obtain knowledge of the displayed artworks through an engaging and informative way. It also inspires the visitors to discover the details of the displayed works and think beyond the works themselves. Meanwhile, the platform can deliver a surprising outcome of kinesthetic learning.

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Stage for Endless Layers of Information